Assistance ACTION

Instituto Dom also has a social assistance axis where we help disadvantaged and vulnerable people and families with basic needs.

40 food baskets for disadvantaged people
Jun 2021

We received another 40 food baskets from the Btg Pactual bank and distributed them all to disadvantaged people and families.


Dom Instituto Dom volunteers indicated some people to receive the baskets and other partners of our organization were also called upon to help us in this distribution.

Dani micro-entrepreneur
Apr 2021

Dani is a micro-entrepreneur who was nominated by the partner organization Projeto Feirinha / Vivarte from Juiz de Fora, MG.


Dani is a baker who has plans to grow her home business. It had been supported by the Feirinha Project and Instituto Dom helped with our 3 stages: Training, Social Investment and Management Assistance.

Social investment (donation):
We donated 2 professional courses and kitchen utensils

Value of social investment:
BRL 1,100

isabel microentrepreneur
Feb 2021

In partnership with Gerando Falcões, Instituto Dom selected 11 less favored micro-entrepreneurs to receive help from a micro-credit.

We screened and selected these micro-entrepreneurs and then gave our management assistance (our 3rd step) to several of these micro-entrepreneurs.

Social investment (donation):
We recommended Isabel to the Gerando Falcões / Banco Btg micro credit program and offered our management assistance.

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