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Do you have any difficulties in your micro business today, dream in your micro business but is any barrier preventing you from moving forward? Contact Instituto Dom and maybe we can help you.

Below is the information for you to submit your video to us.

It is important that you carefully read all the information below to see if your donation request fits the profile and the 'rules' of Instituto Dom.

What can be donated by Instituto Dom

The focus of Instituto Dom is to work with less favored and socially and economically vulnerable micro entrepreneurs.

The donation you request can be, for example, to pay for a professional training course, for the purchase of a machine or equipment, for a professional training course, for the purchase of stock for your business, for the renovation of your small store, among other examples. ..

why do you need the donation

  • For you to overcome any difficulties your business is going through;


  • For you to unlock something that is stalling your micro business or preventing you from growing;


  • For you to solve some big and critical problem that you are going through in your micro business;

  • To give you a big boost in your micro business.

  • To make a dream come true with your micro business and you need a first investment .

cannot be donated by Instituto Dom

  • Employee Salary Payment

  • Donation without a specific purpose

  • Food donation

  • Renovation of personal home (with exceptions)

  • Purchase of medicine or similar

  • Travel donation (with exceptions)

  • buying clothes

  • Donation for any superfluous item

  • Donation to be used by more than one person

  • Donation for vehicle purchase (with exceptions)

  • donation for medical treatment

  • Other cases similar to the ones above


how to send your video:


By WhatsApp to (21) 99692-9266 (we do not answer calls, we only receive WhatsApp)


Important about your video!

We are currently receiving videos only from Rio de Janeiro (capital)

1. Your video needs to respond:

  • Your name, age, neighborhood where you live ​

  • Exactly what donation do you need?

  • What or why do you need this donation?

  • What difference will this donation make?

2. Your video must be a video-selfie. Maximum 2 minutes in duration.

3. The person in need of help or a 1st degree relative needs to speak up and appear in the video.

4. The help you are asking for needs to make something possible, solve a big problem or allow you to start something in your micro business or in your professional artistic life.

what we want to see

Shine in the eyes...

Firmness, determination, determination!

Willingness to grow and win

Involvement with your project or business...