change theory

What is the impact on society that Instituto Dom offers?


What is our social impact?

We defined our Change Theory which then made it clear what our immediate Results, Changes and finally the desired Social Impact will be. Check the figure and descriptions below.

Our Theory was based on assumptions, shown at the bottom of the page.


Explaining our Change Theory


To do our work and achieve our impact, we first need Resources. These are

Financial resources, Staff including volunteers and collaborators, Virtual community, Methodology, processes and internal organization and finally we also need Target Audience.


With these resources, we can develop our Activities, which are:

  1. Contact, diagnosis, registration of micro entrepreneurs (MEs)

  2. Training of MEs, which is our 1st step

  3. Social investment, item donation to MEs, our 2nd stage

  4. Management advice for MEs' micro businesses, our 3rd stage

Our focus and objectivity allow us to maintain few activities in our process.


With this, we have already achieved our first results. It is important to highlight that these points below can in fact already be considered the results of our work and are part of the larger set that is the social impact of Instituto Dom.

These results are:

  1. Micro entrepreneurs (MEs) receive new items and solve their initial problems.

  2. MEs are trained

  3. MEs absorb knowledge of managing their micro business

  4. Finally, MEs multiply the impact by helping other organizations through our Reconnection program, which requires MEs to make a one-time one-time donation of up to R$100 to some social organization.


We arrived at the Changes that we can already see in our target audience. These changes are:

MEs gain a new vision for their micro businesses. MEs achieve an evolution in their micro businesses. And finally, they achieve an increase in self-esteem, happiness and general well-being.

These changes can be noticed and some can be measured by Instituto Dom, with the target audience.


Finally, we arrive at the Desired Social Impact, which is to achieve an increase in income for micro entrepreneurs and a reduction in inequality in Brazilian society.

It is important to make it clear that these impacts are desired, long-term and systemic impacts. Obviously, the Instituto Dom alone will not achieve a reduction in inequality in Brazil. But we do our part. More than that, the transformations achieved by the Results and Changes, described above, already justify all the work carried out by Instituto Dom and should be a reason for satisfaction and justify the work we do.

Assumptions and Assumptions

Our Theory of Change was also based on the following premises and assumptions.

Main premise:

By helping micro entrepreneurs (MEs) with...

punctual donations
Management advice

...we will be allowing MEs to advance, grow and increase their income and well-being (self-esteem, optimism, happiness).


1. That MEs know what will make a difference to them, especially with regard to material items.

2. That our material donations will actually provide immediate impact/results in the MEs.

3. That the MEs will absorb the Training and Management Advice we will offer and that these will actually be useful.

4. When we make the donation, training and management assistance, they will be able to solve their problems, grow their business, increase their income and be happier.

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To learn more about Change Theory, search online as there is a lot of info on the subject.