We help underprivileged microentrepreneurs, who have their own microbusinesses or have professional dreams and have difficulty moving forward.​

We evaluate and select the most inspiring stories, from the most motivated, needy, struggling people and try to understand what are the biggest barriers they face. We seek donations, financial or material, to help them.


Our proposal involves 3 steps: Training, Social Investment (Donation), Assistance in managing micro businesses. And we follow the evolution and growth of the people who receive our help.


1. The micro-entrepreneur who has a difficulty that prevents him/her from moving forward contacts Instituto Dom.


​​2. He/she sends a 2 minute selfie video explaining the story and his/her needs.

3) Instituto Dom team assesses whether everything is within our purpose, analyzes the need, interviews and gets to know the person, and makes we make our final assessments.

4) If the micro-entrepreneur is selected, we follow our 3 steps: Training, Social Investment (Donation) and Managerial Mentoring.

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