We are seasoned professionals and we have in common the passion for social impact! Instituto Dom is made up of experienced, honest and good people who are aware of the social and socio-economic problems we have in Brazil. We believe in people, in their dreams and that they help move the world. We believe it is human relationships that gives meaning to life. We understand know one achieves anything alone and what really motivates us is working together. Join us!



Karl Johnsson

Engineer, he is aware of the socioeconomic differences and inequalities that exist in Brazil. Multi-disciplinary, Project Manager, energetic and optimistic, post graduate in Finance and Marketing. For several years he worked as a volunteer at the Santa Rita de Cássia Orphanage in Praça Seca. He was one of the founders of the Parish Solidarity volunteer group in Rio de Janeiro. Karl has past experiences as an entrepreneur and business executive at several companies.


Irmã Maria Mabel de Luna

Irmã Franciscana do Instituto das Irmãs Franciscanas de Nossa Senhora do Bom Conselho, Pernambucana de coração enorme, incansável, doa 24 horas de cada dia em prol dos menos favorecidos, principalmente das crianças. Durante muitos anos foi Diretora Executiva do Orfanato Santa Rita de Cássia no Rio. Hoje a Irmã Mabel é Diretora Executiva do Externato São Francisco de Assis em Aracaju e ela conseguiu levar o Externato a atender 46 crianças em 2017 para 100 crianças em 2018. Irmã Mabel é Assistente Social com especialização em responsabilidade social e  gestão de projetos sociais e Pós em Sociologia; Teologia por Tutoria. Em 2016, ela recebeu da Câmara Municipal do RJ a Moção de Louvor e Congratulação por sua conduta fraterna de amor ao próximo.


Mariana Jordan

Pedagogue and Mathematics Teacher, Mariana vibrates with optimism and desire to help others, whoever they are. Experienced volunteer with a huge heart, one of the founders of the social project of Apadrinhamento, who worked in the Rio das Pedras community, in Rio de Janeiro, through the Projeto Paróquia Solidária. Mariana has natural inspiration and unusual charitable gifts.


Julia Jordan

Like her sister, Julia is also one of the young heads of the group, also relentless in the struggle for social equality and eager to do good for disadvantaged groups. Creative and careful in the work she does. Julia is a Producer.

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Andrea Barbosa

Andréa has a degree in Social Service from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ), with an MBA in Human Resources Management. She has experience with Petrobras' Corporate Security area in business management processes as a supporter of the DRH and Intelligence area with business risk prevention. Intern in the Social Assistance area at Banco da Providência, volunteer in dozens of social projects including Rio2016, Voluntary Chairperson of TRE and vaccination posts against Covid19, among other projects and humanitarian aid. She currently works as Director of Partnerships and Fundraising at Instituto Dom.

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Flávia Tavares

Flávia, from Rio de Janeiro, 31 years old, student of Human Resources Management. She currently works as a Reception Supervisor at a private school in the South Zone of Rio. Always in search of knowledge, she found in volunteering a way to carry out activities in the People Management area and develop professional and personal skills.


Claudia Nery

Active and super energized, always thinking about how to improve the situation of anyone in suffering or underprivileged situations, Claudia has experiences as the lead coordinator of the Family Sponsorship project, which involved assisting more than 30 families who were at risk. Nutritionist by training but social volunteer by vocation, with a huge heart too, she manages to gather other volunteers, donors, groups for a good cause.

In addition to the Founding Associates presented above, our Institute has Effective Associates, Contributing Associates and Honorary Associates.

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Why "DOM"?

Our inspiration for choosing the word "Gift" came from thinking about the gift of life , professional gift and in the literal sense of the word: gift, donation or gift. Three meanings that also translate our purpose.

We believe that with the gift of life, which is the greatest grace we have, we are able to do whatever we want. Those looking for Instituto Dom come with great hope and we believe that the dream that is dreamed together will come true. Our goal is to try to help as many people as possible, who have some difficulty in their micro-business, who are facing some barrier and therefore need help to move forward and fulfill their dreams and stories.

Why the sun?

The sun is our brand and represents the hope of a new day, a new beginning and new opportunities that are born with it daily. The sunrise of the sun is our only certainty every day, whether it is amidst clouds or blue skies, it will always be there and brings us energy and a desire to achieve.

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